How to Handle Noisy Neighbors

Picture this:  You move into a new building. Your room is conveniently located on the first floor.  It is two doors in with only one neighboring room. You have easy access to the three different exits and the laundry facilities are located on the same floor.  It sounds perfect, right?

Wrong. Above your lovely new apartment is another apartment filled with the loudest people you have ever heard in your life.  The pitter patter of their footsteps is more of a booming clomp. The fluorescent lights flicker and shake in their foundations. Have those cracks in the ceiling always been there?

Have no fear, there are a few simple steps to follow to ensure a comfortable living experience:

  • fone 1. Contact the Building’s Super:  The number to reach them is probably located somewhere in plain sight. Once it is located, give the Super a call and explain the situation.
  • dang 2. Plan Revenge:  When the Super’s number is inaccessible or he/she fails to be any help, begin to elaborately plan revenge. Be sure to glare at the ceiling while doing so. It’ll help.
  • mouth 3. Let Emotions Loose: Upstairs neighbors interrupting your nap?  Scream at them to shut up.  Is a non-stop waterfall of noise trickling through the ceiling? Have a good cry. It can only get worse.
  • exit 4. Confront Them: Enough is enough. After letting other emotions run wild, only anger remains. Use that fuel to storm up the stairs (or to the elevator) and stomp to their door.
  • reap 5. Repeat: The previous step can end one of two ways:  with a knock or a retreat.  Either method will likely result in the scenario continuing and repeating. People don’t like change.

The order of the above steps can vary and certain ones can be omitted at the reader’s discretion. Unfortunately, for a situation such as this, there is no clear-cut solution. Different people react in different ways – and that goes for both upstairs and downstairs neighbors. But life goes on.

Let’s be real here.  Nothing in life is ever easy, so why would this be?


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