About the Author

Like any other college senior, Sam starts her day with the jarring sound of her alarm – which she immediately snoozes. After work and classes, she returns to the sanctuary of the apartment she shares with three other friends known as Quell, Ki, and Mad.mwah

Unfortunately, the serenity of the space is almost immediately shattered by the sounds coming from above – her upstairs neighbors known to a special few as the Clomp Clomps. These sounds occur throughout the day at the most inconvenient times, like while she and her roommates are trying to study or sleep.

She created this blog as a means of raising awareness for the downstairs neighbors in life, like herself. She thought about writing a children’s book, but this took considerably less effort.

Disclaimer:  This is not meant to cause any offense.  On the contrary, this blog intends to regale the reader with entertaining tales of the writer’s own miseries and struggles in life, specifically relating to the inhabitants of the room above.  If you, by some coincidence, happen to be a member of the Clomp Clomps, feel free to drop me a line.  It will make for a great post!